Arrow Signs – Testimonials

“Your guys were just here and they did a fantastic job. The signage looks amazing.

Thank you so so much”

Danielle from DLR Construction

“Pecanne Design Solutions in a Nutshell, has throughout its history, experienced excellence from Arrow Signs.

Like the proverbial arrow to its target, each project assigned to Arrow, has been carefully planned and executed with aplomb. Often the signage forms an integral part of the design process and personalisation of the company’s corporate branding and mission statement.

Clients have been thoroughly satisfied with the final outcome of their individual designs. Spaces such as glass boardrooms and reception areas have been transformed in a manner which remains memorable, imprinting a lasting memory in the minds of all who have visited the individual companies involved.

True “masterpieces” have been designed by Arrow Signs and clients have expressed their overall satisfaction with the end product”

Carol Pretorius, Pecanne Design Solutions

“The service which Arrow Signs delivers is of an exceptional quality. The employees who were sent out to apply our new signs were very friendly and open to questions and suggestions. The quality of each sign simply looks nothing short of professional. We at the ACFE SA are very impressed with their work”